Finding the Fakers, One at a Time

All is well in Warrior Eli Land.  Real life has gotten in the way of blogging for awhile now, but everything is fine and we should have some updates soon. We appreciate everyone checking in, and continuing to follow along! 

You can always read the blog entries here, or follow the Hoax Group on facebook here.

Thanks for your patience.  Hope summer is going well for everyone.

Due to the large number of new followers, we thought it would be helpful to repost this information (listed below) on how to report a suspected hoax. 

We also want to thank our readers - with this kind of controversial topic, the comment section could easily devolve into a hate blog. That hasn’t happened, and we are so thankful that the vast, vast majority of our commenters who have shown great sympathy and compassion for both the victims and the hoaxers we’ve exposed.  So many corners of the internet are ugly and hateful and we very much appreciate that our readers are neither of those things.  You guys are great! 


How to Report A Suspected Hoax:

We love looking at pages people send us when they suspect something fishy is at play. Just keep the following in mind.

1. Please either Facebook message or email us at Don’t mention your suspicions on this page or in the comments of our blog. We don’t like people to be tipped off about which pages we’re currently researching.

2. We have a bit of a backlog right now, so please be patient while waiting a response, and please do not message the page(s) in question letting them know that you have requested we look at it or that you suspect it is not true.

3. We research these things for longer than you’d think. Before we post anything, we want to make sure it’s something we can prove 100%. We don’t post rumors or suspicions on our blog, and we don’t like to post before we have figured out the person behind the suspicious blog.

4. It’s hard for us to look at the veracity of a person online if they don’t have a blog or a public Facebook page or group. Sometimes we can look at support group posts and things like that, but our job goes a lot more smoothly if there is a blog involved.

5. Finally, if a family has a legitimately sick child but seems to ask for handouts at every turn, there’s not much we can do. This blog was created to expose people faking illnesses, not to monitor which sick kid gets too many gifts or to monitor how the family uses donated funds.

We’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks!

Some updates on Antranette Nolan who just can’t stop scamming, and the craziness still surrounding a past hoaxer.

My friend Dr. Marc Feldman, the most respected expert on Munchausen by Internet, and I were on the Jordana Green Show last night talking about Internet hoaxes and MBI.  Here’s the link to the podcast.

The Remembering Reilly hoax was featured on the Today show this morning.

The Daily Dot’s take on the Remembering Reilly hoax.

The Remembering Reilly hoax has been getting a lot of press.  It’ll also be on the Today Show, most likely on Saturday.  

The Remembering Reilly hoax will be discussed on the Today show tomorrow, June 12th, 2013. Be sure to tune in!

Emily is strong? Actually, Emily is made up.

An update on the story of Emily Nolan is posted at

A couple of the fakers the blog exposed have long histories of making up illnesses and imaginary babies online. Updates on Carissa Hads aka Preacher James Puryear and Jessica Friend